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DIY Morning Basket and Beauty Loop

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DIY your own morning basket and beauty loop!

a picture of  a LOVE sign and a basket sitting on a table used as a morning basket

The idea of a DIY morning basket and a beauty loop are hot topics in today’s homeschool world, but can feel overwhelming when creating one for your family. I know I felt that way! Then I found A Gentle Feast Morning Time and it was a breath of fresh air! You click, print, and go! It definitely served me well and gave me the courage to try again in creating my own. 

a pdf document for a DIY morning schedule and beauty loop

First thing I did? Made a schedule. And I want to share it with you!

Morning Loop Schedule

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    How do I use this template? Head on over to my YouTube Channel or watch the video here. After, check out the links below of all the resources I mention in the video. 

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