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Let me start off by saying PreK for us is activities and beautiful literature that points our children to Christ while gently learning their letters and numbers. Simple, lightly structured goodness that doesn’t take away from an abundance of play time and exploration. Our young children can learn more from the great outdoors and unstructured play with their siblings and by themselves, than any amount of time spent in a typical school setting.

Waiting to start a more purposeful school-time is always recommended. But if your child comes to you (like mine did) asking for ‘school’ time with Mama, definitely set aside 30 minutes for some sweet, one-on-one with them.

Another misconception is that you need a curriculum to do PreK. That is farthest from the truth! I bet you have everything you need right now at home. Almost everything in my basket was something I already had or was given to me. I spent very little money building his basket. Choose your favorite children’s book and pull out different discussion points, letters, sounds, counting, history, geography, science, etc. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find once you take a moment to analyze a book from a PreK student’s perspective!

If you want to buy one thing to help you structure your time together, I cannot recommend Before Five in a Row enough! With this guide, and whatever you already have at home, you can easily make a free or very inexpensive PreK curriculum plan for your children! Don’t forget to use your library and inter-library loaning system!
Watch the video below to see what we’re using for my son’s PreK. It can be simple, gentle, and fun for you both!

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Notebooks for the Charlotte Mason Homeschool

*this post will be updated periodically as I add more video reviews on specific notebooks* Other than living books, the number one resource in a Charlotte Mason homeschool is notebooks. Notebooks to catalogue what you’ve read, to remember inspiring quotes, to write your dictations and copywork, to make lists of animals and plants you see,…

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