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2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Basket

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Charlotte Mason and Classical Education

a basket and a file folder used for homeschool

My goal this year was to simplify, organize, and provide a feast of subjects for my 2nd grader. When I discovered, somewhat by accident, the classical model of memory work, I knew this would be my backbone to our year. We decided on Claritas Publishing for our memory work because of their songs and resources which can be accessed right from our TV on a FireStick App (I believe they also have Roku and Apple TV apps too!).

From there I chose my history curriculum. I chose BiblioPlan because it followed the same cycles as Claritas and was a huge resource of living book ideas with so many other subjects incorporated in. 

With those two major resources giving us our rough homeschool structure, I built my Beauty Loop Morning Basket and each of my child’s individual subjects around them. Watch my video to take a peak inside my 7 years old’s 2nd/3rd Grade curriculum choices and how I keep it all organized. 

The McGuffeys Online Tutor – Is a new resource I found and will be using for my six and seven year old as we do the revised readers. They have a very inexpensive membership that will provide beautiful Charlotte Mason methods, especially for primer age, as well as worksheets and suggested vintage readers for additional practice.

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