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McGuffey Readers

I love them.

No, like really – I am praying my appreciation of them is rightfully shown.

I remember when my eldest child was on the brink of learning how to read. We were both so excited… until I began searching high and low for a quality, Christian reader that was truly phonics based. It was virtually impossible! And to find more than one that would carry her on as she progressed? Nope. Not happening.

The fact of the matter is, I was looking in the wrong places, or should I say the wrong time period. There had been a ‘holy grail’ of readers easily accessible (think FREE online) the entire time! But, because of the societal trend to throw out what was used even last year, let alone 150 years ago, we almost missed the beautiful goodness the McGuffey Readers have to offer! 
You heard that right- I taught my six year old to read at a 6th grade level with one reader that’s over 150 years old with no phonics ‘program’.
The best part (well other than the McGuffey Readers themselves), there are SO many resources available to aid us when using them! Most are free or very minimal in cost! 

Watch my video below to see why I chose the McGuffy Eclectic Readers for my children (both original and Revised) and how I use them every day in our homeschool.

homeschool books laying on a table
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