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Gentle and Classical Preschool: Level 1

Hello friend! It has been a hot second.

The latter end of fall was a whirlwind in so many ways for our family. Videos and blogging needed to go on the back-burner, but now (after some kind encouragement from followers and subscribers – thank you!) I have things planned for this space in the new year!

First up – new preschool! Recently, my 3 year old has really showed more of an interest in structured ‘school’ time and I needed something that was open and go, while still fitting our philosophy. Enter in A Gentle and Classical Preschool Level 1!

There is so much I love about this curriculum which is explained more in depth in the video, but to sum it up:

1. Open and go once you prep all the materials (store by unit in page protectors in a binder) and Erin offers the Teachers Manuals for FREE!

2. Classical AND Charlotte Mason inspired. It uses memory work to springboard a living book education = LOVE.

3. It engages the whole child, making attainments doable for both the learner and a busy Mama!(Just a note – Level 1 is being rewritten to launch in June. I decided to purchase anyways and implement because I liked what I saw. It is discounted currently because of this and if you want the rewrite you will have to buy again. Follow A Gentle and Classical Press on instagram for discounts!)

Watch the video below to see how I plan on implementing it and other resources I am using. I’ve also {aff} linked all the resources we have and love as well. Just click an image to find them on Amazon. 

homeschool books laying on a table
Revival Acres Homeschool

Notebooks for the Charlotte Mason Homeschool

*this post will be updated periodically as I add more video reviews on specific notebooks* Other than living books, the number one resource in a Charlotte Mason homeschool is notebooks. Notebooks to catalogue what you’ve read, to remember inspiring quotes, to write your dictations and copywork, to make lists of animals and plants you see,…

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